Revision as of April 23, 2019

Rules of Procedure for the Town of Litchfield

Recreation Commission

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Town of Litchfield Recreation Commission.

Article Il. Authority

These rules of procedure are adopted under the authority of the New Hampshire

Revised Statutes Annotated, Chapter 35-B:5.

Article Ill. Purposes of the Organization

The purposes of this organization are:

A. To formulate policies, advise, recommend, promote, and maintain public parks

and recreation in the Town of Litchfield in accordance with the laws governing

public recreation in the State of New Hampshire.

B. To build the public recreation and parks program consisting of public parks,

grounds, and facilities.

C. To conduct recreation programs utilizing the physical properties available in the

Town of Litchfield.

D. To provide leadership in coordinating all activities of a recreational nature in the

community and to obtain a maximum benefit for the citizens.

E. To provide adequate and balanced recreational programs which meets the

various needs, abilities and interests of every citizen.

F. To solicit the aid of existing organizations to accomplish these purposes.

G. Other purposes consistent with RSA 35-B.

Article IV. Membership

The commission shall consist of up to 10 citizens of the Town of Litchfield who shall

be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. There are six (6) members and four (4)

alternates. Persons initially appointed to the commission shall serve staggered terms.

Their successors shall be appointed under the same appointing procedure for

three-year terms. Vacancies shall be filled by the appointing authority for the unexpired

term. A member of the Board of Selectmen shall be an ex-officio member of the

commission in addition to the six(6) members and four (4) alternates. All members and

alternates of the Town of Litchfield Recreation Commission shall serve without pay,

however, they shall be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses and travel.

Revision as of October 2005

Members of the Town of Litchfield Recreation Commission shall have full voting

authority at all meetings. Alternates will be elevated to voting status by the chair to fill-in

for missing or vacant members on a meeting by meeting basis. Alternates will have full

participatory rights in all meetings and will share equal status in all matters involving the

Town of Litchfield Recreation Commission unless specifically stated otherwise in Rules

and Procedures of the Commission.

Article V. Officers

Section 1.Election of Officers

Annually, at the first regular May Meeting, the members of the Recreation Commission

shall elect from its membership a chair, vice chair, and secretary.

Section 2. Duties of the Officers

The chair shall preside over all meetings, appoint committees as directed by the

commission and sign official documents on behalf of the commission. The chair must be

a member of the Commission.

The vice-chair shall preside in the absence of the chair and shall have full powers of the

chair on matters that come before the commission in the absence of the chair. The vice

chair must be a member of the Commission.

The secretary shall maintain a record of all meetings, transactions and decisions of the

commission. The secretary shall issue all notices of regular meetings of the commission

and special meetings called by the chair. The secretary may be either a member or


Section 3. Director of Recreation

The director of recreation shall be the administrative agent of the recreation

commission. He or she shall be entitled to attend all meetings and participate in

discussion but shall not be entitled to vote.

Article VI. Meetings

Revision as of October 2005

Section 1. Regular Meetings

The commission shall meet at a minimum of one meeting every two months. The

regular meetings shall be held at Town Hall or other designated location on the second

and fourth Tuesday of each month. Each member and alternate of the commission shall

be notified at least 5 days prior to each meeting. Public notice shall be provided per

RSA 91-A:2.

Section 2. Special Meetings

The chair may call special meetings at any time deemed necessary or desirable

provided public notice and notice to each member is given at least 24 hours prior to the


Section 3. Quorum

A quorum shall consist of a majority of serving commission members present.

Section 4. Rules of Order

General parliamentary rules, as given in Robert's Rules of Order, and as modified by

the rules and regulations adopted by the commission, shall be observed in conducting


Section 5. Order of Business

The order of business for regular meetings shall be as follows:

a. Call to Order

b. Roll Call

c. Consideration of Minutes of Previous Meeting

d. Public Input

e. Facility Requests

f. Communications and Miscellaneous

g. Old Business

h. New Business

i. Adjournment

The rules of order may be suspended and matters considered or postponed by action

of the recreation commission.

Revision as of October 2005

Article VII. Committees

Section 1. Special and Advisory Committees

The commission may from time to time appoint special and/or advisory committees to

assist with projects. The personnel of these committees may be composed of members

of the community, representatives of civic clubs, or other groups.

Section 2. Commission Oversight of Committees

Sports and other organizations falling under the Commission shall be set-up as Special

Committees. As such at least one member or alternate of the LRC will be a member of

this committee with the remainder of the members being volunteers. Each committee

will establish its own organization, officers, operating procedures, and rules. These will

be documented and a current copy kept on file in the recreation office.

Funds raised by committees must be expended on activities and equipment in support

of these activities. These funds will be kept in the revolving fund. Each committee will

submit an annual budget to the Commission for approval. Within the approved budget

the committee has full latitude in disbursement of funds. Any surplus funds will remain in

the account for the committee to offset future expenses and improvements. As with the

annual budgets for these committees both the committee and the Commission must

approve any expenditure of reserve funds.

Annually the Commission will review each committee. The committee will be invited to

a meeting of the LRC for this purpose. The purpose of this review is to assess how the

committee is meeting the needs of the community and what the long term resource

needs are for the committee.

Article VIII. Administrative Procedures

Section 1. Purchasing Policy

The Recreation Commission will follow the current purchasing policy put forth by the

Board of Selectmen for the town of Litchfield.

Section 2. Use of Recreation Facilities by Other Organizations

Facilities and fields under the control of the Commission may be used by other

organizations with the approval of a majority of the Commission. These requests will be

made on forms designed for this purpose available from the Commission. The requests

will be considered on a first come first serve basis with the following hierarchy of usage:

1. Town of Litchfield Organizations (i.e. Police, Fire, etc.)

2. Litchfield Based not for profit Organizations (Litchfield Baseball Assoc.,

Litchfield Youth Soccer, Boy and Girls Scouts, etc.)

Revision as of October 2005

3. Litchfield School District Organizations and Teams

4. Other Litchfield Based Organizations whose membership consists of a majority

of Litchfield residents

5. Groups and organizations that have some ties to the Litchfield community.

Proof of insurance by the organization making the request will be required. The Town

of Litchfield will be listed as an additional insured on each of these liability policies.

Fund raising activities will be permitted on recreation properties with the approval of the

Commission. The commission may decide to partner with or co-sponsor such activities

as long as the event in question does not expose the Town of Litchfield to unacceptable

levels of liability as determined by the Commission.

Section 3. Use of Alcohol at Recreation Facilities

Under normal circumstances, alcohol is not permitted on any recreation property. With

prior approval, events may be held where alcohol is permitted. It is the policy of the

Commission not to partner with or co-sponsor any event with an outside organization

that will have alcohol present solely for the purpose of covering the event under the

Town of Litchfield's liability. At any activity or event where alcohol may be present, the

following will be required for the Commission to consider approval for use of recreation


1. General liability insurance for the event or activity in the amount of at least

$2,000,000 with the Town of Litchfield named as an additional insured.

2. A police detail assigned by the Chief of Police of the Town of Litchfield and paid

for by the organization holding the event.

3. Other security and safety procedures and personnel as may be required by the

Commission with the input of the Chief of Police and Fire Chief of the Town of


Article IX. Amendments

These rules of procedure may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds

vote of the recreation commission members present. Proposed amendments shall be

submitted in writing and read to the commission at the regular meeting the month before

being voted.

Article X. Records

The records of the commission shall be kept by the secretary and made available for

public inspection at Litchfield Town Clerk’s office in accordance with RSA 91-A:4.